Jun 14, 2017 Ep 110 Trouble with Coinbase, crypto crash & shit reporting

We look at the emerging economy, trouble with Coinbase, crypto crash, and why Hawaii is a bunch of morons with their ridiculous legislation. Then we jump into some crap reporting and the REAL story behind it all.

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SubscribeTrouble with Coinbase, crypto crash

Trouble with Coinbase, crypto crash

  • Homestead animal of the Day: Rhode Island Red Chickens
  • Wild Edible of the day: Maple Tree – Bake the seeds just like Pumpkin seeds
  • CryptoSkim – http://bit.ly/2sticbS
  • Crypto-currency market
  • Transfer your currency quick and cheap over at Shapeshift.IO
  • Get $10 when you start your CoinBase account today, by funding it w/ $100 of BitCoin. It’s the fastest, easiest way to get into the Crypto Market. Use this Link for the $10 incentive and we both get $10.
  • Do you like your privacy? Me too, so get a VPN like me & protect your data.
  • POTCoin
  • More on my trouble with Coinbase and the stupidity of HI
  • The future economy is here in ways I hadn’t even realized before today.
  • Piss poor journalism and crap reporting.
  • Wacko liberals shooting politicians
  • A lot of wrong-doing on both sides, but some VERY misleading stories floating around

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