Apr 11, 2017 Ep 68 Saving Money on the homestead or to get there/ NextCoin

We look at Saving Money on the homestead or saving up to get there. We dig REALLY deep into saving money and the variety of tactics to get yourself to a chunk of land, financially. This is an in-depth look at a multitude of tactics to save money that I personally use & have seen others use with great success. It’s left up to you to determine how badly you want to save money and what will actually work for you in your present place in life. We also look at what is after Bitcoin, or will it survive, this is cool.

If you’ve got questions or comments, want to see something specific covered, or want to come on and join the conversation, give me a shout at Josh at BuildingCommunity.Today

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Saving Money on the homestead

Are you having trouble affording your own homestead? Are you interested in making this dream come true in a very non-hippy way, with like-minded people?

Then let’s work together! Shoot me an email.

If you’re looking for a way to protect & grow freedom, mitigate the state as much as possible, live near and work with like-minded people, I’m looking for you. We’re building a community with an agricultural center-piece that will contain small home lots, but will be a community designed with intent. This is to be a neighborhood where you know & talk to your neighbors, do business with them and look out for one another’s property and family.

If you like this sort of thing check out www.BuildingCommunity.Today and be a part of this community as we build a bigger, better one for tomorrow.

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