Apr 20, 2017 Ep 74 making a career move/Ripple drops hard/ 7 cow remedies

We talk about making a career move. Has your economy just not improved? Maybe it’s you that need to change because the economy you’ve lived in isn’t coming back. Ripple just took a huge dive, time to buy if you’re in the market. 7 Remedies for your dairy cows. Computers still spying on your kids & fake news, but where do you get your real news?

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 Making a career move


Crypto Market

  • History: Europe was a MESS in 15-16th Centuries.
    • Learn from their mistakes and don’t Balkanize yourself. Work w/ your fellow humans toward common goals & worry about disagreements later.
  • Homestead animal of the Day: Kamori Goat
  • Crypto-currency market
    • Ripple Just dropped like a rock!
      • Time to buy, so go checkout Kraken.com
      • Buy Ripple.
    • Learn Block Chain development. They even have a free trial!
  • 7 Remedies for your dairy cows
  • School spying on your kids from the computer.

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