Jun 08, 2017 Ep 106 Indicator Plants & Thank god government helps the needy

Indicator plants and a good resource to start identifying field problems with. SNAP is going to Prime and chickens without heads live on. We wrap up with good ol’ government “helping” the poor w/ our stolen tax money, just to screw them over with the old bait and switch.

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Indicator Plants & Thank god for government helping the needy…

  • Homestead animal of the Day: Marans Chicken
  • Wild Edible of the day: Grass, yes that’s right, grass.
  • Crypto-currency market
  • Transfer your currency quick and cheap over at Shapeshift.IO
  • Do you like your privacy? Me too, so get a VPN like me & protect your data.
  • The SNAP (food stamp) program taking a step out of the dark ages.
  • Indicator Plants in a great PDF. http://bit.ly/2rYyyZ2 Just a starter, but a good thought starter for what might be plaguing your fields.
  • A chicken certainly can live without its head.
  • All that “help” we’re giving to developing countries is coming back to bite them. http://bit.ly/2rYxUuT

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