Mar 31, 2017 Ep61 How to raise and breed rabbits & good starter animals .

Today we get into how to raise and breed rabbits. Then we look at Coinbase, it’s the future and makes it REALLY easy to buy your first digital coins and only the most stable. VPNs and why they’re even more important now than ever. Petitions are useless, we’re not convincing anyone of anything. 

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Support the show & protect yourself and family.

Bats get rid of mosquitoes & millennials are screwed

  • Homestead animal of the day: Pygmy goat
  • Useful animals for your backyard farm / homestead
  • Keep them COOL in the hot summer with this low cost solution and some irrigation line. It runs up to 4 times a day and is solar powered.

  • Raising & Breeding Rabbits
    • Sexing Rabbits (I linked right to the part you’re interested in at 1:35)
    • A good resource for learning about rabbit breeding from the pedigree type person.
    • Dispatching your rabbits. I prefer a wack to the back of the head w/ my hammer handle or a pellet gun.

If you’re looking for a way to protect & grow freedom, mitigate the state as much as possible, live near and work with like-minded people, I’m looking for you. We’re building a community with an agricultural center-piece that will contain small home lots, but will be a community designed with intent. This is to be a neighborhood where you know & talk to your neighbors, do business with them and look out for one another’s property and family.

If you like this sort of thing check out www.BuildingCommunity.Today and be a part of this community as we build a bigger, better one for tomorrow.

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  1. I know what you’re talking about with the quick neck snap. Couldn’t get it right either.