May 04, 2017 Ep 84 How to deal with land trespassers/camper conversion/XRP

We talk about how to deal with land trespassers and how to handle that sort of problem, and also why it is a problem that you might not even realize. Truth really is stranger than fiction with Magneto helmets for magical healing sperm. The block chain is expanding to other areas. The new budget has only about a $500 Billion deficit, but is still filled with pork. Make some dandelion butter & don’t forget to signup for your chance to win our prize at the end of June.

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How to deal with land trespassers

  • History: Europe & especially England step it up, thanks to a disadvantage of needing to travel far out to sea for food, in form of fish.
  • Homestead animal of the Day: Egyptian Fayoumis Chicken.
  • Crypto-currency market
    • Transfer your currency quick and cheap over at & support the show while doing it.
  • Fact is stranger than fiction, though we shouldn’t be too surprised that more natural solutions are more effective. Sperm, now imagine Beavis and Butthead giggling…
  • A question about ripping the top off your camper to raise the roof. No.
  • Block chain is being expanded to ads now.
  • More pork barrel projects and out of control spending for this coming budget.Posted Private Property
  • Dandelion Honey Butter, yum!
  • How to deal with Land Trespassers

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If you’re looking for a way to protect & grow freedom, mitigate the state as much as possible, live near and work with like-minded people, I’m looking for you. We’re building a community with an agricultural center-piece that will contain small home lots, but will be a community designed with intent. This is to be a neighborhood where you know & talk to your neighbors, do business with them and look out for one another’s property and family.

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