Apr 17, 2017 Ep 71 Homestead rodent control with outdoor pets & other ways

We talk about Homestead rodent control with outdoor pets & other ways. Have you thought about why tiny house communities for the homeless is a stupid idea.  A clever idea for grey water. Austin will literally pay you to have chickens. Self sustainable lifestyles and housing are becoming illegal, according to some. Retailers going out of business, down goes the economy. And North Korea is still full of XX it.

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Homestead rodent control with outdoor pets & other ways

  • Homestead animal of the Day: Golden Guernsey Goat
  • Digital currency: Bitcoin & Ethereum – Not today
  • Homestead rodent control with outdoor pets & other ways
  • Tiny House community for homeless
  • Efficiency, but you’ve got to see the picture or at least imagine your sink being the holding tank for your toilet. Haha, but really, not a terrible idea.
  • The City of Austin will literally pay you to keep chickens
  • It’s illegal to go sustainable anywhere. According to these people.
  • More sky falling in terms of retail going out of business.

Are you having trouble affording your own homestead? Are you interested in making this dream come true in a very non-hippy way, with like-minded people?

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If you’re looking for a way to protect & grow freedom, mitigate the state as much as possible, live near and work with like-minded people, I’m looking for you. We’re building a community with an agricultural center-piece that will contain small home lots, but will be a community designed with intent. This is to be a neighborhood where you know & talk to your neighbors, do business with them and look out for one another’s property and family.

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