Apr 24, 2017 Ep 76 Get out of a dying town/ Ledger Nano S/ crypto investing

We talk about how to get out of a dying town when there is just no economy to recover. We look at the Ledger Nano S crypto-hard wallet. We also dive into some of the complexities of the Muslim world in the early 1500’s.

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Get out of a dying town

  • History: The Muslims took it all, in the 15-18th Centuries. The Turks and Persians were a force to be reckoned with.
    • Want to learn about affordable medical care?
    • Want to travel to beautiful places to be treated, cheap and safely?
  • Homestead animal of the Day: West African Dwarf Goat
  • Crypto-currency market
    • Mega-Fast exchanges, if you have a place to put them.

      PA wants all of your money, even if they have to ticket it all out of you.

      Welcome to PA. Yes, they do want all of your money and they’ll ticket you until you give in.

    • See what the market looks like before you jump in!

  • Economic depression, some places just don’t come back.
    • Get out of a dying town

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