May 16, 2017 Ep 92 Broadening your career opportunities in sales, w/ ethics

A short list of points covered, but a greater depth today as we look at broadening your career opportunities in sales, but maintaining ethics in it. We also look at one of the big wig backers of the crypto-currency, Ripple and some of his reasonable & wacko thoughts on the future of the market. Then we dig into a true African Capitalist as she had to do some very extreme things to become a truly wealthy person. Some real lessons to be learned there.

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Ethical Insurance in Port Richey, FL 727space861space3250

  • Homestead animal of the Day: Anconas Chicken.
  • Stuff you can eat, in the woods, Cedar?
  • Crypto-currency market
    • Transfer your currency quick and cheap over at & support the show while doing it.
  • Do you like your privacy? Me too, so get a VPN like me & protect your data.
  • The big wig behind Ripple, pushing it for government control, against middlemen, so HE CAN BE THE middleman.
  • An interview with Kelly Smith at AA Insurance in Port Richey, Florida for ALL of you insurance needs.
    • Broadening your career opportunities
  • An amazing perspective from a woman who took it the whole way to make it big, with a LOT of lessons to be learned.
  • Got a hilarious joke from Reddit too.

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