Jun 02, 2017 Ep 102 Big Government makes poor decisions, so many poor decisions

Big Government makes poor decisions, so many poor decisions and we’re not surprised by it anymore. A lawn mowing teenager is threatened because of not having a license. Congress is holding the IRS to standards, finally. A take on military life and the changes it causes in people. Some cool updates from Google Books and Ledger Nano, but separately. 

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Big Government makes poor decisions, so many poor decisions

  • Homestead animal of the Day: Dominique Chicken.dock weed
  • Wild Edible of the day: Dock Weed
  • Crypto-currency market
  • Transfer your currency quick and cheap over at Shapeshift.IO
  • Do you like your privacy? Me too, so get a VPN like me & protect your data.
  • Congress actually holding the IRS accountable for something!
  • Rogue Lawn care
  • A moronic government in Sweden. Be careful what you do online.
  • Legislatures seek to destroy community policing by making police a “special” class.
  • Google Books Just posted, for free, The Country Gentleman, a homesteading magazine from the early 1900’s. SUPER COOL!
  • caballosdelasestrellas.com
  • Ledger Nano is coming out with a backup, digital wallet, in event they go out of business. Good to know info.

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