May 01, 2017 Ep 81 Alternative Housing/ Taxation=Theft / McAfee privacy phone

We look at alternative housing, some do’s & don’ts as well as some general things pushing people into this area. Bill Nye the government science only guy, who isn’t really a scientist at all. John McAfee is all about this new privacy phone and the Taxation is Theft meme has broken out of the internet in its viral spread.

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Alternative Housing

  • History: Japan comes onto the scene & consolidation and extremely centralized government actually help in this culture at this time.
  • Homestead animal of the Day: Araucana Chicken

    Taxation is Theft

    Taxation is Theft

  • Crypto-currency market
  • Alternative housing
  • Bill Nye, the Statist guy, Bill, Bill, Bill, WAIT! What??!?!
  • Taxation is Theft is officially viral!
  • John Mcafee is pushing a new privacy phone.

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